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Over the last two weeks or so I’ve received daily calls asking “what has happened to our backyard birds?” Even on the MAINE Birds Facebook Group (membership required) there is a thread titled “Where are all the back-yard birds ? No birds at feeders for days !!” that has 345 comments of people mostly echoing the lack of backyard birds. I literally can’t keep up with the calls so want to let you readers know – and encourage your sharing – that the birds are fine. Several factors have all aligned perfectly to minimize the detectability of birds in backyards. Here are a few: Read More

Putting the Lawn and Garden to Bed for the Winter Written by: Tina Savage, Extension Educator, Ag Resources

It’s hard to think about lawn care and gardening at this time of year, the trees have lost their leaves, lawns are growing slowly or not at all and flower beds have faded from the vibrant colors of growth to the dull browns of dormancy. However, there are a few things you can do to reduce the chances of diseases in the garden next year, enhance the soil and get a jump on a green lawn for next year. Read More